UN|HUSHED Facilitator Values

These values speak to the ways that an UN|HUSHED facilitator brings the content to their participants:

  • Facilitation is different from teaching. As facilitators, our goal is to create an environment where participants can learn the content that is most important for them, rather than to transmit specific, predetermined pieces of information.

  • Language is important. The language that a facilitator uses impacts the feeling of the group and must be taken seriously. Language evolves quickly, and it is okay to make mistakes in your words, but it is critical to acknowledge the mistake and work to not make it again.

  • All questions deserve to be answered. This is true even when facilitators may think that a question is designed to be shocking or is inappropriate in some way. It is the facilitator’s responsibility to answer the question in a way that is informational and appropriate given the setting and participants’ ages.

  • Saying “I don’t know” is one of the most important tools in the facilitator toolbox. Participants can often tell when a facilitator doesn’t know the answer to a question. When a facilitator fabricates even part of an answer, they decrease participant trust, which is critical to future learning. When a facilitator says they don’t know, and then finds the answer, they model growth and increase participant trust.

  • Participants learn from each other. Peer-to-peer dialogue offers potential for a kind of learning and growth that is different from facilitator lecture or even participant-to-facilitator dialogue. This kind of learning is particularly important in sexuality education because it is between peers that participants will be navigating sexual behavior.

  • Facilitators are always learning. When a facilitator has ato constant curiosity about their content area, they create a dynamic internal environment and bring energy to their facilitation that is difficult to achieve in other ways. Within the field of sexuality, which covers a wide range of topics, there is always the possibility of learning more.