UN|HUSHED Organizational Values

As an organization, we believe and will dedicate our professional lives to supporting the following:

  • Sexuality education is a constantly evolving field, and we value and support innovation. To remain relevant to participants of all ages, sexuality education must transform and revolutionize itself with and revolutionize itself as the surrounding culture evolves. UN|HUSHED will strive to remain at the cutting edge of those processes.

  • Sexuality education is a basic human right, and so it should be available to everyone, regardless of ability to pay. It is our mission to provide this education, to the greatest degree that we are able. We believe in the UN|HUSHED Sexual Values.

  • A living wage is a basic human right, and so our employees should earn a wage that allows them to live a full and productive life. This includes annual PTO, sick leave, and sufficient after-tax income to support themselves in their home area.

  • Both work and education should be beautiful and fun. We aim to provide employees, facilitators, and participants with experiences that are enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Professional growth and networking are both integral to meeting our mission. Employees who are supported to grow both within the organization and beyond it will expand our field in ways that are inherently part of UN|HUSHED.

  • Everyone’s voice is welcomed, valued, and sought after, including people of all genders, orientations, races, ethnicities, religions, ages, and more. We are only able to continue to improve our organization to the degree that we are diverse and inclusive.

  • There are many ways to make the world more just, more ecologically viable, and more empathetic, and sexuality education is merely one of them. UN|HUSHED has a place within the global dialogue about improving the human experience.