Why comprehensive sex ed? Here's why.

Comprehensive sexuality education is not limited to reproductive or risk-management approaches. Nor is it a crazy free-for-all of sexual information. It is a considered, developmentally appropriate approach to adult-moderated peer conversations about issues of sex and sexuality. It is life changing in ways that are often unexpected and beautiful.
I’ve recently had a few parents reach out to me and say really amazing things about their children’s experiences in my comprehensive sexuality classes, and I wanted to share them.
The first quote is from the mother of a 9th grade girl and the second from the mother a 7th grade girl.

One of the reasons I wanted my daughter to take your class was because I was hearing talk of how having sex made you cool and how you just needed to get your first time over with.
I was also told one of her friends had already had sex and was preforming oral sex on boys but not considering it sex. My daughter and I had talked about sex but it lacked a comfortable openness, which it now has.
Before Dr. Karen’s class I felt it was just a matter of time before my daughter would have sex, friends thinking it was cool, every teenage show showing high schoolers having regular sex, it was became apparent in her world that having sex was the thing to do. She took Dr. Karen’s class with her friends including the one I had heard rumors about and the girls are different now. I think this class was life changing for my daughter and her friends they are empowering each other and are not boy crazy ready to have sex they are looking at what they want from life not what’s cool.  They are considering their choices and really taking time to think about what they want. I think it is one of the best tools you can offer your child to help in the growing up process.  I have now enrolled my son in Dr. Karen’s class so that he may be as empowered in his choices.

– Jerri

I continue to be reminded as my girls forage forward on this journey the importance of your work with kids, parents and the community at large.  I have been meaning to email you in my gratitude again and again.  I am so pleasantly surprised the positive impact your class has had on my daughter and our family as a whole…. The elephant has left the room 🙂  I guess it is most likely a ton of my baggage and how I was raised around sexuality but I have definitely been able to discard much of it and it has freed me up to continue to work in the direction of parenting I want for my girls.  I know it may sound profound but I am amazed what that class even did for me energetically, and I wasn’t even there!

– Lynn

While Jerri actively sought out my class for her daughter, Lynn was initially unsure if it was right for her – if she was ready. But for middle school students, some of the hesitation is a vast discomfort with the subject matter entirely. That’s part of what comprehensive sexuality education does – is help young people feel comfortable talking about sex so that they can have open conversations with their parents and other adults in their lives. Here are quotes from two of my middle school students writing to me at the end of our class together:

Coming to this class was horrifying. Going out of it is enlightening. I feel everyone should take this class, because it is so informational. I feel without it I would be somewhat in the dark. I thank you for having this opportunity. I feel I can talk to you, so please don’t be surprised if I call you for some sex-related reason if I ever need to (hopefully not!).

I cannot express how thankful I am to you. You gave me confidence. I feel more safe and empowered now that I’ve taken your class.

These are such beautiful gifts to give a young person trying to navigate their way through our over-sexualized society.
I have a new middle school class starting in a few weeks. Let me know if you’re interested in finding out more.