When's the online class starting?

I have people ask for an online sexuality class for middle school and high school students occasionally. I wish I had one to give them. But here’s the honest truth: Formal online education is still in its infancy. I’ve been teaching online at the college level for about five years now. This was an endeavor I start to see if I felt online sexuality education had any merit at all and whether it could be implemented effectively for younger people. The short answer is yes, it can be. The longer answer, particularly as it relates to my work, is much more complicated.
But before we go any further, stop for a minute and so I can acknowledge the informal sexuality resources that are available to young people online. Scarleteen.com offers an incredible array of services that just isn’t rivaled anywhere else online. If a young person is gathering sexuality information in an informal online setting, I hope they’re doing it at Scarleteen.
However, the website may be daunting to someone who is feeling awkward about sexuality in general – not to mention all of the young people who don’t go find accurate information, but just surf on what their friends and favorite musical artists tell them. A structured educational setting has benefit to it, for some people, some of the time. But there’s not really anywhere for teenagers to access that online – with or without parental approval.
Back to my long answer about online classes for young people. I’m ready to jump on it! But the front-end work that goes into creating a class is not insubstantial, and in an entirely untried marketplace like this, that is risky. Add to that the almost baffling array of potential platforms for such a course (video, text, live, asynchronous, etc.) and the legal hoops through which they would make me jump in order to provide information about sex to people under 18 have deterred me from making this leap just yet.
But it is coming, I promise. And if you have an answer to either that foreboding platform issue or the upfront cost without promise of students issue, drop me a line. I’m ready to jump once the hurdles are even a tiny bit lower.