What are they doing now?

One of the various issues with the Disney Princess line – and, in fact, with many stories and movies and television shows for children – is that they reach this point of “and then they all lived Happily Ever After!” It’s such a nice and tidy ending. It’s so dramatically unrealistic. Real life is messy, ongoing, confusing, and absurd.
One of my students from last semester took on this myth in her final project, that I want to share with you all. What a great conversation starter this would be with your children – what happens to this or that character after the story or movie ends? The possibilities are huge – and the imaginative fun limitless!
Project concept – Jill Meurer; Artist (photo manipulation) – Kelsey Meurer

Elsa SiM

Merida SiM

Mulan SiM

Snow White SiM