Condom Week: Condom time? Hooray!

Condoms can be hilarious. I mean, really, really funny and fun.
Starting with condom commercials (and I’m particularly fond of the international ones…)

To all of the just absurd things that people film themselves doing with condoms and then upload to YouTube:

Young people are able to identify with condoms more fully – to find them less intimidating, easier to buy, easier to use, when they’ve been destigmatized. Humor is a fantastic way to destigmatize anything! So watch some funny videos with your teenager (watch these or find your own), laugh about them, talk about them, go buy condoms and try some of the silly things in them. All of it helps make it more likely that your teenager will actually use a condom.
I’ve decided that it’s Condom Week around here at Unhushed. Melissa White over at Lucky Bloke recently asked if I wanted to provide content for her new safer sex education website, and of course I was delighted! But when I went back to look through my blogging archives (both here and at, I found that I had written terrifyingly little about condoms. So here I am, rectifying that problem with Condom Week, on both sites. Here at Unhushed I’ll be writing about parental concerns about condoms. At I’ll be writing about teachers and other educators’ issues about condoms in the classroom. Interested in receiving Unhushed blog posts as they happen? Sign up here. You can sign up to receive blog posts here.