New Unhushed classes are starting soon!

It’s mid-August and the first days of school are looming! I’ve had an amazing summer, including a month long stay in Germany and the Netherlands. I used part of my time away to read about race, gender, and social media, which has left me excited and ready to dive back into teaching classes. Recent events here in the US have reminded me of the importance of education around sexuality that is:

  • intersectional, addressing race, gender, and privilege in the context of sexuality, and
  • based in the extension of a deep level of compassion for the sexual pain that exists in our modern society, both in the self and in others.

While these are heavy topics, they are ones that young people are hungry for honest conversation about, in age-appropriate ways. Youth are not blind to the pain, but they can be confused by it if it’s not named and addressed in ways that they can understand.
It is with this goal, along with a basic knowledge base in sexuality, in mind that I am organizing Unhushed’s fall line-up of classes. I am offering two kinds of classes:

  1. comprehensive sexuality classes for middle school and high school aged youth, and
  2. classes for parents of children ages 7 – 12 and ages 13 – 17.

Unhushed classes start from the position that all people are sexual beings, and as such, have a right to understand their developing, growing bodies and minds.
Unhushed classes for young people are comprehensive in nature and cover everything from biology and gender to sexual orientation, from relationships and communication to consent and assault. These classes are built on conversations and activities that engage young people in developmentally appropriate ways about these difficult issues. Before enrolling their youth in these classes, parents must attend an introductory meeting to learn about the curricular details and have a chance to ask questions. There is no commitment to enroll through attending the introductory meeting – it is entirely free of charge and obligation!
Parent meetings will be on Sunday, August 24th, 2 – 4 andThursday, August 28th, 7 – 9. Both meetings will be held at Austin Java at 12th and Lamar. If you’re unable to attend either meeting, but would like to discuss the classes with me, please call (512-662-1862) or e-mail to set up a phone call. Please RSVP if possible so I know how many handouts to bring.
Times, dates, and locations of the full classes are determined on an annual basis to allow as many students as possible to participate. 
Unhushed classes for parents address how to facilitate ongoing conversations about sexuality in the home. We cover the same broad range of topics that are covered in the youth classes, but from a parent’s perspective. We also engage in activities and conversation that will expand your comfort level and skill in addressing the trickiest conversations in your home.
It is most beneficial if all parenting parties are able to attend these classes, which is why I offer a discount for couples (and those in other parenting structures!).
Upcoming classes for parents are:
Parents of children: September 18th and 25th, 7 – 9pm, location in Oak Hill. Register now!
Parents of Teens:October 23rd, 30th, andNovember 6th, 7 – 9pm, location in Oak Hill.Register now!
(You must be able to attend all classes!)
More information about my fall offerings is available on my pages about classes.
As always, if you have any questions, you can contact me via phone (512-662-1862) or e-mail (