2019 A year in review

Here at UN|HUSHED we’ve had a very busy 2019. So busy we didn’t have time to write much in our blog to tell you all about it. Funny how that works isn’t it? So let’s dive in to what we’ve done and what we’re doing…


We kicked off the year planning events, updating handouts, and getting ready for all of the exciting things to come!

We also welcomed long time friend and supporter, Chelsea Fox, onto our volunteer event staff. You can read her bio here.


In February we designed, printed, and added to our website the Sex Ed Saves Lives t-shirts. We pay a great deal of attention to the design of everything we do, and our apparel is no exception. We spent time, energy, and money making sure that we picked the softest t-shirt from a socially responsible company, Next Level. All proceeds from these shirts go directly into the continued updating of our paid curricula and free handouts.

Thinkery21: Science of Sex

On the 11th the Austin team participated in the Thinkery (an amazing local STEM museum for children) event for adults called Thinkery21: Science of Sex. The theme was, of course you guessed it, sex! We had two booths. Our downstairs booth was setup with a makeymakey, laptop, projector, embroidered buttons, and a foil hand outline. It looked very mad science—and we were quite proud of it! The game, which you can play the online version of here, had participants match old timey slang terms to one of four different sex acts. It’s quite fun! The booth upstairs was an adaptation of our condom station activity that teaches people how to put on a condom, which lubes won’t negatively effect latex, and for fun our team there held races to see who could correctly put on a condom the fastest.


Executive Director Karen Rayne, PhD, CSE

In March the UN|HUSHED team participated in our first #AmplifyAustin with the hashtag #AmplifySexEd where we tried to raise $7,650. Why that specific weird amount you ask? It’s the monthly cost of running UN|HUSHED. From the website, to the writing, design, promotion, social media, keeping the lights on, and so on, and so on. We didn’t hit our fundraising goal, but we did raise enough to provide 3 educators with heavily discounted attendance to our June curricula training.

We released our second free online game—a choose your own adventure designed for middle school students to play to learn about “friendzoning” and why that’s problematic.

We were invited to the “Queer Quiz Show” as their charity of choice and our team came in second place in the show tunes and queer facts trivia! It was the questions about show tunes that lost us the first place spot.

To finish the month of strong we held our fifth (first in Austin) training on the Introduction to Sexuality: A Handbook for Mental Health Practitioners.


April brought 3 conferences in 3 weeks for the UN|HUSHED crew …

The team exhibited and presented at The National Sex Ed Conference in Newark, New Jersey. UN|HUSHED’s Executive Director Karen Rayne presented with co-author Kathryn Gonzales on their at-the-time soon-to-be released book Trans+: Love, Sex, Relationships, and Being You. UN|HUSHED’s sexuality educator and parent coach Ryan Dillon co-presented with Adam Mauer about hook up culture. And UN|HUSHED’s sexuality educator and author Jessica Smarr presented during the table sessions.

Karen was the opening keynote for The Texas Campaign’s 8th annual symposium. The team also exhibited at the two day conference.

Our Director of Ops & Design Nyk Rayne was a guest panelist during a workshop at the Austin Perinatal Mental Health and Wellness Conference.

To top it all off we began work on the Spanish translation of the high school curriculum and welcomed Carlos Gago-Aragón to the UN|HUSHED team.

Last but not least our design team created a 3D model and print of the sexualitree model for visually impaired students.


We wrapped up the 10th year of the UN|HUSHED 38 hour community class for middle school students.

Dr. Rayne presented on coming out to your kids at the 6th annual Contemporary Relationships Conference in Austin, TX. So often we hear stories of children coming out to their parents and it is important to acknowledge that this process happens in reverse as well.

Karen and Kathryn presented at an event held by The Central Texas Transgender Health Coalition on their forth coming book TRANS+

The month of May finished strong with the 3rd and 4th training sessions of the Introduction to Sexuality: A Handbook for Mental Health Practitioners taking place in two locations in Nebraska and Karen Rayne and Ryan Dillon celebrating his birthday at the Omaha Zoo!


We held our second annual training on UNHUSHED: The Middle School Curriculum and our first annual training on UN|HUSHED: The High School Curriculum in Austin, TX.

We were incredibly excited to be joined by our Hong Kong facilitator and translator BauBau Chung Sze Wan all the way from China, and Carlos Gago-Aragón all the way from Spain!


Summer time! July was a socially quiet month for UN|HUSHED and behind the scenes we were hard at work on the translation of our high school curricula as well as several of our free handouts into Spanish.


We redesigned and released the newest version of our identity person, now two (gender and sexual) identity people out of the one combined graphic that we, and most people, have been using for years. These are available for download on our website’s infographic library with a FREE registration! (Login or get an account here.)

Alison Clifton joined the UN|HUSHED team as our volunteer social media expert.


Although not published through UN|HUSHED we were proud to help promote the newly released book Trans+: Love, Sex, Relationships, and Being You co-authored by Executive Director Karen Rayne, PhD, CSE. Magination Press was kind enough to gift us with several copies we then distributed to folks we came across in the rest of our 2019 travels.

Including our trip to exhibit at The North Carolina Sexual Health Conference 2019. We had so much fun meeting new people in the field and reconnecting with long time friends and colleges.

We added the “Medically Accurate” Octopus hoodie to our apparel! Did you know that only 13 states in the US require Sexuality Education to be medically accurate? That’s absurd-and we can do better!

In addition to the hoodie we also printed our first card deck activity, A Lifespan of Sexuality: An UN|HUSHED timeline activity.

Karen Rayne also spoke on a panel for World Sexual Health Day North America 2019 at Stanford University.

And last but not least in September we welcomed a new facilitator to the Austin team, Angelica Benton-Molina.


In October we hit one of our biggest milestones yet when we released the Spanish version of our high school curriculum—UN|HUSHED: Educación sexual de 15 a 18 años — over 700 pages of curricula translated, updated, and shifted to be culturally relevant to Mexico and Spain. This was unveiled at the 24th congress of the World Association for Sexual Health in Mexico City, Mexico.

In October we also officially welcomed our newest author on board, Caleb Gustin, BSN, RN, CEN who will be co-author on the third book in our Intro to Sexuality Series, Introduction to Sexuality: A Handbook for Nursing Professionals.


The design team began and completed major website updates including a mobile interface and menu so users can access the curricula and other website features more easily on phones and tablets. We’d love your feedback on the new and improved site!

In November we also brought on Sam McAllery, PhD as our new Fundraising & Constituent Relations volunteer.

As well as the newest addition to our curricula advisory counsel, Zoe Pulitzer, MSEd, MPH.

And last, but certainly not least, November brought Lorena Olvera Moreno, PhD, MEd, MPsT back on to our team as a Cultural Advisor, translator, facilitator, and trainer.

The team celebrated thanksgiving break.


#GivingTuesday was in December this year. We had a pretty lofty (for our tiny org) goal of raising $15,000. We were disappointed to only raise $4,755 which was $1,880 less than last year. Last year at this time we had 197 people using our resources via free accounts on unhushed.org compared to this year’s 467 users, but only 25 people donated to the organization on Tuesday. If you are able to support our tiny organization, please consider donating a few dollars or even going a step beyond that and pledging an ongoing donation of $5 or more a month.

And now, it’s time for the holidays! So for the rest of this year we’re wrapping up projects, spending time with family and friends, having a little holiday party, and thinking about our affect on the world and what 2020 will bring.

What’s coming in 2020…

We’ll be sharing more about that soon!