Team Highlight: Caleb Gustin, BSN, RN, CEN

This month we are so excited to highlight Caleb Gustin – Caleb’s first publication with UN|HUSHED: An Introduction to Sexuality Education: A Handbook for Nursing Professionals will be released in May. Congratulations, Caleb, and thank you for all of your hard work!

How are sex and sexuality education typically regarded in your line of work?

In nursing, and especially with my experience in emergency nursing, I see a desire for greater sexuality education for the general public. I believe healthcare professionals understand how greater health promotion and sexuality education decreases future illness and disease. Unfortunately, I also see gender and sexual variant people disrespected and looked down upon when attempting to receive healthcare. The healthcare system is broken and people are working with few resources. Nonetheless, we persist for continuing education of both healthcare peers and the general public alike. The stigma surrounding sexuality is dying and it’s the only time I cheer on death.

What skillsets or projects are you currently working with UN|HUSHED?

I have just co-authored An Introduction to Sexuality Education: A Handbook for Nursing Professionals with Dr. Karen Rayne to be released in May! Many many thanks to all the other professionals who have been a part of making this series come to life!

What kind of vision do you hold for comprehensive sexuality education?

I hope and work for a future where all people have access to comprehensive sexuality education that includes pleasure and healing modalities. I believe people should be able to learn from someone who looks and speaks in familiar ways. I believe community centers and hospitals should offer sexuality education to the public that is medically accurate and free of charge. In a world obsessed over the next emoji release, I believe we should all be passionate about the future of period research, decriminalized sex work, uterus transplantation, and reducing birth mortality, especially for black womxn. I want all queer people to grow up without having to come out or identify for any other person besides themselves. I want comprehensive sexuality education that normalizes being a humxn, including the messing up, failing, and needing help parts. 

What project would you dream to work on for UN|HUSHED?

I want to talk to nurses and doctors, and everyone else in the delivery of healthcare. I want to listen to their experience and advocate for them and their patients. The kids are alright, but there is a generation of working professionals who only received abstinence based sexuality education. For them, and their patients, we need better.