March Newsletter

Hello Friends,

Happy Monday! The UN|HUSHED crew has had an action packed first two months of 2020. How has yours been? Good we hope! Let’s chat a bit about what we’ve been up to and what we’ll be up to in the coming spring months.

February included:
• Three conferences for the UN|HUSHED team.
• A ton of work from our curricula and medical counsels for this year’s annual revision of the middle and high school curricula.
• Our Spanish team is hard at work on the first revision of UN|HUSHED: Educación sexual de 15 a 18 años.
• We have three manuals in the works, one for nursing professionals slated to be published in May with an accompanying training in Lincoln, Nebraska.
• Not to mention our board of directors is in the final interview stages of the current board recruitment. Stay tuned for more info if you’re interested in a board position and missed this round.

Conference 1: Switched on – Sexuality education in the digital space
When: February 19th-21st
Where: Istanbul, Turkey

Rayka Kumru, MSx, M.A, our Cultural Adviser and Trainer based out of British Columbia, Canada flew to Istanbul this month where she was invited by UNESCO to present at #SwitchedOn. A symposium on delivering high quality and effective information and education to young people through digital spaces. You can check out more about the project she presented on here @tabukamu / @tabukamuca. Congrats Rayka!

Conference 2: 2020 NAIS Annual Conference
When: February 26th-28th

Where: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Last week two members of our Austin, TX team—Executive Director Karen Rayne and Director of Operations and Design Nyk Rayne—headed over to Philadelphia for the 2020 National Association of Independent Schools Annual Conference. It was so much fun meeting new people, connecting with new schools, and seeing so many educators all together in one space, with 5,000 people in attendance!

Conference 3: Women’s Health and Family Planning Association of Texas
When: February 28th

Where: Austin, Texas, United States

Ryan Dillon, LPC (who’s work with UN|HUSHED includes Author, Facilitator, Parent Coach, and Trainer) presented on Patient-Provider Communications: Normalizing the Sexual Health Conversation. He lead an interactive workshop that helped participants identify biases and optimize communication. We have detailed info on running the specific activity Ryan ran in his manual An Introduction to Sexuality: A Handbook for Mental Health Practitioners as well as another version of the activity in UN|HUSHED: The High School Curriculum.

Here at UN|HUSHED we never sit still! There is always so much on the horizon we want to be sure to tell you about everything without overloading you with sheer AWESOME! So, We have training on our newest manual coming up in Nebraska in May and we’ll send out more info on that in April. For now go sign up for our June facilitator training taking place in sunny Austin, TX (and yes there will be tacos! 🌮)


Come to sunny Austin, Texas to be trained on the most innovative Sexuality Curriculum in the world! We’re offering three full days of training, including breakfast and lunch, and complete digital access to the curriculum for an entire year—all for only $655! Does your school already have the curriculum, and you’d like to come to the training? Have more questions? Email us at for specific details. You can also visit us at for more information and/or registration. We can’t wait to see you there. Spots are filling fast, so don’t wait to save your seat!


Thanks for following along! We’ll be back in touch next month to say hi, and share more exciting news. We’d also love to hear from you. Get in touch with us via our blogfacebookinstagramtwitterlinkedin, or contact us directly through the website.

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We value you and everything you do!
– The UN|HUSHED Team