Team Highlight: BauBau Chung Sze Wan

This month we are excited to highlight our Hong Kong colleague Bau!

What initially drew you to working with UN|HUSHED?

UN|HUSHED’s passion in promoting comprehensive sexuality education and the emphasis on social justice in sex education are the very core elements that attracted me to work with the organization.

How is sex and sexuality education typically regarded in your line of work and/or local community?

I work with young people in my social work profession and I have my own online platform doing gender and sexuality education. Additionally, I am a sex therapist where I meet with individuals, couples, and families and sexuality education has always been my core work in my therapy.

What skillsets or projects are you currently working with UN|HUSHED?

I am working on the Chinese translation of the UN|HUSHED free handouts and facilitation guideline.

What project would you dream to work on for UN|HUSHED?

I hope I am able to bring the  UN|HUSHED facilitator training to Hong Kong or even all Asian regions using Chinese as written language. I have also dreamt of promoting UN|HUSHED materials to Asian regions like Mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia

What kind of vision to you hold for comprehensive sexuality education?

I hope comprehensive sexuality education could be part of everyone’s life , and I think CSE could start within family and everyone could be a CSE facilitator

What role do you see UN|HUSHED playing in that vision?

I hope I can help UN|HUSHED reaching out to Chinese-speaking community

What role do you see UN|HUSHED’s curriculum playing in a global movement towards social justice?

UN|HUSHED’s curriculum empowers people to be the change agent. There is a famous saying that “a single spark can start huge blaze.” Everyone can impact others, and the UN|HUSHED curriculum enables local facilitators to deliver the core value of social justice through comprehensive sexuality education. The curriculum’s role is that of a magnifier and radiator.