Intersex Awareness Day

Today is Intersex Awareness Day! For the full scope of information go straight to the source and visit our friends at interACT. On their site you can read the history of Intersex Awareness Day and make a donation to their cause.

Here at UN|HUSHED we work very hard at being inclusive of everyone. We’re not always perfect, because we too are learning and growing everyday, AND we strive to create and update the best curricula we can. Our curricula acknowledges the presence of intersex youth (assuming that there is always someone in the room whether they know it or not), includes their potential range of experiences in our accounting of anatomy and physiology, and uses inclusive language in every activity we create.

As a society we are very fixated on pronouns, body parts, identity, sexuality, and belonging (or not belonging). While this is what we talk about here at UN|HUSHED day in and day out, we understand that scientific knowledge of these terms, concepts, and actualities are ever shifting. Everything exists on some kind of continuum. From the Fibonacci sequence to shades of grey (or gray, see what we’re saying?) things are complex, and that can be an incredibly beautiful thing.

So we wanted to pause for a moment and say to our intersex friends, family, colleagues, and participants, we see you, we love you, and we are working to make the world a more inclusive place for you. Thank you for being a part of the UN|HUSHED community.