#TBT Sex Ed History – A brief history of the publications of UN|HUSHED

We just turned 3 years old this past Saturday AND we hit 1,000 followers on Instagram! So today’s throwback Thursday post is a brief history of UN|HUSHED’s published works.

In 2017 Karen Rayne, PhD, CSE and Jessica Smarr, MPH took the curricula that our group has been teaching for over a decade and published it as the first version of UN|HUSHED: The Middle School Curriculum. It was made available online through a password protected WordPress site.

In March of 2018 UN|HUSHED published our first handbook, written by Karen and Ryan Dillon, LPC, An Introduction to Sexuality Education: A Handbook for Mental Health Practitioners

After many sleepless nights, July of 2018 brought with it version 2.0 of the UNHUSHED website. Unhushed.net became unhushed.org, and users could now login to both free and paid accounts to gain access to a library of handouts, dictionaries, and infographics in addition to the paid curricula. 

Not long after the website update came UN|HUSHED: The High School Curriculum, written by Karen and Kirsten M. deFur, MPH. Alongside the High School release the Middle School curriculum was updated to its second version.

By September of 2019 the Middle School Curriculum was on its second update, the High School its first, and as if we didn’t have enough to do, we published the second edition of the Handbook for Mental Health Practitioners. 

This year also saw the beginning of the translation of our high school curriculum into both Spanish, being translated and adapted by Lorena Olvera Moreno, PhD, MEd, MPsT and  Carlos Gago-Aragón, and Chinese, being translated and adapted by BauBau Chung Sze Wan.

We also released our first two online games, free to play on our website, and our first printed card deck activity, which we unveiled at the biennial World Association of Sexual Health Congress.

Which brings us to 2020. What a year, to say the least. This year we published  An Introduction to Sexuality Education: A Handbook for Nursing Professionals in May and quickly shifted in-person training to virtual training.

We also coded our third online game and developed a series in both English, Teaching Sex Ed Online, and Spanish, Enseñando Educación Sexual en Línea, to help facilitators quickly and effectively shift from in person to online and/or hybrid classes.Our curriculum advisory council completed the 2nd and 3rd versions of the high school and middle school curricula and our goal (fingers crossed, thanks covid!) is to have those and the Elementary Curriculum, written by Karen, Jessica, and Shadeen Francis, MFT released by the end of the year. Wish us luck!