November Newsletter


October has come and gone. As we could be preparing for too much turkey and the possibility of impending doom in the US, we want to instead focus on how much we raised during our birthday celebration and ask you to consider helping us hit our goal by the end of the year. We’re about a third of the way towards our goal of $30k and there is still time to donate! A monthly donation of just $5 makes a world of difference in what we are able to do for the UN|HUSHED community.

Don’t forgot – TSEO this Thursday!

“I think that we have this whole new world ahead of us, and I’ve been really trying to find the beauty in it.”
– Karen Rayne, PhD, CSE

Our Executive Director, Karen Rayne, just gave an interview to US News & World Report you can read here on why teaching sex ed online instead of no sex ed at all is crucial. Sign up (if you haven’t already) to join her for Session 4 of Teaching Sex Ed Online version 2.0 — Teaching about communication is even more important than before COVID. Click here to join us.

Team Highlight

Last month our team highlight was an interview with one of the members of our Spanish team, Carlos Gago-Aragón. Carlos is one of the translators who works on our curricula and most recently ran the tech for the web series: Enseñando Educación Sexual en Línea, which you can still attend asynchronously.

3rd – US Election (please vote!)
11th – Veteran’s Day
26th – 27th Fall Holiday

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