February Newsletter

So Many New Things!

You may have noticed we always send our newsletter out on the first business day of the month. You may have also noticed today is way past the first business day of February. Maybe not, we’re all still on covid-end-of-times-time so you might not even know what day it is, and that’s cool too. But hey, let’s talk about fancy new things, shall we?!

A New Website!

website image

In 2017 our first website was a WordPress site with a hidden page for people to login to, to see the curriculum, with one login, for everyone and the files were word documents to download. Here we are four years later launching the third version of our site. We could not be more excited! Among a whole bunch of exciting new features, now schools and organizations can assign an admin to manage their own staff’s accounts and curricula access! You can make donations for gifts like t-shirts and hoodies, and chose how much you’d like to donate! We’ll be holding a “head of school” training to show users how take advantage of these fun new features on March 31st 12:00pm CST. This is free and you can save your spot here.

Snow Storms in Texas

This isn’t entirely new, but thanks to climate change it is a whole new beast. Because we’re headquartered in TX, a good portion of our team was without power, or water, or both this past week. Tuesday we jumped back in the saddle, and it feels so good to be back! Thanks to everyone who reached out to check on our team, and for everyone’s patience as we catch up on emails, meetings, etc.

New Board of Directors Members

This month we welcome two new members to our board of directors! Christy Tashjian, CPM, WHNP, and Liam Garcia. Christy is excited to take on the role of Board President and brings a unique perspective after many years healthcare. Liam is excited to help the organization grow in numerous ways, with an expertise in SEO and online marketing.

Handbook for Child Welfare Providers!

Several years in the making, An Introduction to Sexuality Education: A Handbook for Child Welfare Providers, is ready to ship!

You can order your copy today!

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Let’s be real, it’s a little late to notify you of these for Feb.

We are committed to remain
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