We Stand with the Asian-American Community

Racially based violence is unacceptable. UN|HUSHED stands with the Asian-American community against violence and hate. We believe in the inherent human value of every individual. 

In order to make our beliefs impactful, we must begin by learning about and understanding the history of anti-Asian American racism and violence as well as the history of sexual and physical violence against Asian American women in the United States.

And then we must understand the ways that violence against Asian Americans has skyrocketed over the last year due to misplaced blame of the pandemic. Asian ethnic enclaves, many of which are Chinatowns, were once considered safe havens for a group that is stereotyped and has seen unequal access to success in the United States. These areas once provided the most vulnerable of the Asian American communities, especially elders, with social, emotional, and financial support. They are now in the midst of instability and possible extinction because they have become epicenters of violence against Asian Americans

And then we must take action. Here are a few resources to support action against violence directed at the Asian-American community.


Karen Rayne, PhD, CSE
Executive Director

Trisha Nguyen
Youth Advisory Council

The UN|HUSHED Board of Directors