We support Vibrant Life for all people.

UN|HUSHED stands with the many organizations and individuals who strongly condemn Senate Bill 8 that goes into effect in Texas today, effectively criminalizing people who seek abortions and anyone who assists in abortion care. We believe human sexuality is integrated into all facets of a person’s life, including the choice to procreate or not, when to do so, and when not to.

This bill was created and pushed forward by a minority of people who wanted to limit reproduction rights in Texas. The term pro-life has been co-opted by these groups who clearly do not choose life in all its forms or terms, rather using pro-life to represent the specific instance of keeping a person pregnant when they do not choose to be. This is a clear human right violation. Furthermore, this atrocious legislation actively worsens the health of people who already experience health disparities, including black and indigenous people of color, queer and trans folx, and people living in poverty.

UN|HUSHED seeks to support Vibrant Life for all people. Vibrant life includes feeling the freedom to live in congruence with one’s truths about health, reproduction, gender, and sexuality.

If you are in a place to financially or emotionally support those in need, please consider donating your time and/or funds to Mama Sana Vibrant Woman, an organization local to Texas providing free pregnancy, birth and postpartum support to pregnant people of color.


Christy Tashjian, CPM, WHNP
Board President

and the entire UN|HUSHED team