Support Trans Youth.

We stand with trans youth and their families in Texas.

Texas politicians are using trans youth and their families as pawns, causing havoc and pain among some of Texas’ most vulnerable youth. 

Access to gender affirming healthcare is life saving and medically necessary for many and is affirmed by top medical, psychological, and social work organizations across the United States. To consider access to these kinds of healthcare as child abuse flies in the very face of everything we know to be true about the experience of being trans and non-binary.  

Increasing understanding about gender, providing inclusive and life affirming education, and authentically valuing contributions from people of all genders are foundations upon which UN|HUSHED was founded. We will not stop our work in this field. Indeed, we will continue to expand and breathe support, love, and access to civil and medical rights for all persons. 

To all of the trans youth and your families in Texas and across the country: We see you. We hear you. We stand with you. We fight for you. 

Karen Rayne, PhD, CSE
Executive Director and Founder
and the entire UN|HUSHED team

You can download our letter to teachers, facilitators, and other professionals who work with youth in Texas here.