Board of Directors Retreat!

Here at UN|HUSHED our mission is Breaking the silence surrounding human sexuality. We strive to achieve this mission by creating, facilitating, and training on curricula for people of all ages (from infancy through older adulthood), academic levels, and professional backgrounds. We are a tiny 501(C)(3) nonprofit based in Austin, TX, and we have only existed for four years (five this October!). You can check out more information about the org here.

As you know, two of our four years existence have been during a global pandemic. This means our Board of Directors have never been together in the same room in person. If you’ve ever been on a team (especially of volunteers) you know that the connection built in person makes working remotely a more grounded and productive experience. So our goal is to bring our board together for a two day retreat at a small farm home in Dripping Springs, TX. There they will focus on team building and strategic planning for the organization. We’re trying to raise enough funds to pay for food, team building activities, travel, and lodging. If you’re able to give anything at all we’d be extremely grateful. If you have a donation in kind please email us at