May Newsletter

May the 4th be with you!


  1. Summer Curriculum Training Dates.
  2. Creating Positive Childhood Experiences (the what, the why, and the how)
  3. Call for volunteer grant writer.
  4. A note from our friends at EducateUS.

Summer Curriculum Trainings

It’s time to sign up for summer trainings IN PERSON, and we want you to come and eat tacos with us! Each training is 20 hours over 3 days, including lunch, snacks, breaks, and at the end you run an activity!

Elementary training is July 25th – 27th click for more details.
Middle school training is Aug 1st-3rd click for more details.
High school training is Aug 8th-10th click for more details.

Already have our curriculum?
Contact us at for discounted pricing!

Creating Positive Childhood Experiences
(the what, the why, and the how)

Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are in conversations about mental health and wellbeing, from individuals talking about their own development to professionals talking about the impact of their work. There are three general categories of ACEs are: abuse, neglect, and household dysfunction. The original study on ACEs is from 1997 and has huge cultural impact since then. (The CDC’s website on ACES is here and you can calculate your score here.) Click to read more on the blog.

Call for Volunteer Grant Writer

We have a great need for someone who has experience applying for grants. There are so many opportunities to help fund our projects, but applying for grants takes time and skill. We would love to find someone to join our team that has that time and skill. If this is you, please apply here today!

A Note from our friends at EducateUS

If you read this newsletter, you know that every kid deserves to learn how to love and be loved without shame, blame or fear. And you know that, in order to get there, every kid needs a quality, inclusive sex education. But you might not know this: poll after poll after poll, the vast majority of Americans agree with you. The opposition may be getting louder, but we are by far the majority.

So let’s start voting like it. Take the Sex Ed Voter Pledge, and EducateUS will provide you with everything you need to keep it, from intel on candidates and where and when to vote, to great merch that will help you share your Sex Ed Voter pride! Together let’s stick up for sex ed where it matters most: at the ballot box.

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