Serenity Owens - Board Member


Serenity Owens was blessed to grow up in a community of diverse leaders working on justice and equality for all. She spent her childhood stuffing envelopes, walking blocks, and attending political rallies and really long meetings in school cafeterias and church basements. Serenity remembers reading “The Letter from Birmingham Jail” when she was nine and thinking, “That’s what I want to be, an extremist!” Turns out, becoming an extremist is really hard. Serenity is still on the pathway; designing a life of extreme love, justice, conscious, and freedom. Because she believes life is to be designed. Serenity believes that our culture and institutions currently discourage design in favor of conscription and indoctrination.

Serenity believes that the future of humanity is a more beautiful world of sustainability and collaboration brought about by conscious individuals intentionally designing it. Her alter ego that allows this life is as a Life Coach, Non-Profit Executive Coach, and Facilitator of meetings, conversations, and process development.