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A Handbook for Primary Care Providers (e-book version)

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An Introduction to Sexuality Education: A Handbook for Primary Care Providers provides physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and other primary care providers with the tools to address problematic, inaccurate, and harmful sexuality information that comes from classrooms, peers, partners, families, and the media. It supports providers as they consider their own biases, history, and knowledge base, and affirms that sexuality education, provided in atrauma informed manner, is an integral component of primary care.

The manual is organized into four sections. The first provides guidance on self-analysis for primary care providers themselves, sinceunderstanding their personal perspective before they bring sexuality education into the clinical space is critical. It also includes guidance on trauma informed care.The second section provides a broad overview of numerous topics related to sexuality that patients bring into the clinical setting. These include anatomy and physiology, sexual arousal, reproduction, masturbation, gender identity terminology, communication styles, intimate partner violence, and more. The third section includes more than 24 handouts primary care providers can copy and use with their patients along with guides and recommendations on how to use them. The final section is an extensive list of resources, organized by topic and annotated with a brief description of what content is covered by each.

Karen Rayne, PhD, CSE and Gretchen Frey, MD, FACOG
Primary Care Providers
Professionals to use with patients through out the lifespan
175 pages
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A Handbook for Primary Care Providers (e-book version)