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High School Curriculum Training (in person)

$ 695.00

Get a one year subscription to the curriculum and 20 hours (3 days) of detailed and interactive IN PERSON TRAINING on how to teach UN|HUSHED: The High School Curriculum. Your trainers this year are curricula author Karen Rayne, PhD, CSE and Upper School Educator Kate B. Jones, LCSW . Get ready for the fun and sign up today!

Dates & Times for 2024
Thursday June 6th 9:00am to 4:00pm
Friday June 7th 9:00am to 4:00pm
Saturday June 8th 9:00am to 3:00pm

Austin, TX (Oak Hill area) this year!
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"This training was great, and I'm looking forward to faciliatating groups at my school this upcoming year!"

"The most useful piece of the training was reviewing how to navigate, access, and plan the implementation of the curriculum. I also benefitted from the discussions around the importance of facilitating sex education and the variety of reasons why it is so important."

- 2023 attendees

"Wonderful and mindful activities, and some of the best group discourse I've ever been a part of in a teacher training."

"Very thorough, well-presented, engaging, funny..."

- 2022 attendees

"Thank you so much for such a beautiful curriculum and a training that was deeply engaging, rich in material, supportive and excellent as a model for facilitation."

"i came away from this training understanding that sex ed really helps us learn about ourselves. i was grateful to be taken thru the program step by step - just knowing that this amazing curriculum is available to us (!) eases my stress about teaching sex ed. having such a thoughtful and thorough program at our fingertips is incredible. you have given us TONS of tools as facilitators to stimulate engagement in the classroom while also giving us an opportunity to bring creativity into the space."

"This is an INCREDIBLE curriculum. I went into this week somewhat dreading the thought of teaching sex ed but I feel so much more confident and ready to take it on. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will be sending other schools and educators your way!!"

"This was a great training. Y'all are amazing! I honestly feel like you have helped me become a better person, educator, and parent. I am so IMPRESSED with what you have created in the Unhushed Curriculum, and I feel so fortunate that my school has invested in it. I want to tell all my educator friends about you!"

- 2021 attendees

"This was the best online training I have ever been to! I got so much concrete info about how to make online learning engaging."

"I honestly loved everything about the training and look forward to trying it out, and being in touch! Thank you!!"

- 2020 attendees 

Karen Rayne, PhD, CSE
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High School Curriculum Training (in person)