Writing Love Notes to Policies

$ 35.00

Friday, July 7, 11:00am to 2:00pm CST, Zoom

While many people are not fond of policies and most shy away from being the ones who author them, at UN|HUSHED we have nothing but love for them. Writing clear policies protects everyone in the school environment, and that tugs at our heartstrings as one of the most elemental parts of our jobs as sex educators.

School policies that interface with sexuality education span topics from pronouns and permission forms, to harassment and homophobia, to so many other topics that don’t lend themselves to linguistic lyricism. They establish norms of engagement, provide guardrails for expectations, and chart a path forward when something goes wrong. But they can only do this when they are created proactively!

Join Dr. Karen Rayne for a surprisingly fun three hour, interactive training on writing and implementing policies that intersect with sexuality and sexuality education. Come away with enthusiasm for this task, a list of policies to consider creating or revisiting, and example policies to use as templates. (We would also provide snacks, but as this is a Zoom training, we will only be able to provide the illusion of snacks.)

Karen Rayne, PhD, CSE

Writing Love Notes to Policies