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We won't waste your time being modest, our curricula is the best curriculum money can buy!

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What makes UN|HUSHED the best you ask?

Because our curricula offers innovative, flexible, radically up-to-date, digitally accessible, evidence informed, and participant focused materials—any skill level of sexuality educator can use right away.

Yep, this means you coach!

What does evidence informed mean?

Great questions! Our curricula has been in use and evolving for ten years, and includes medically accurate and pedagogically sound research. However, unlike "evidence based" curricula, our councils review and we update our curricula annually. You can read more here.

What does modular mean?

UN|HUSHED curricula are designed to provide facilitators with an engaging, modular program—which means you can teach UN|HUSHED whether you have 20 mins or 20 hours with your participants. Everyone comes away from the program with an expanded ability to think and talk about sexuality in healthy, diverse, and open ways. Choose a level above to learn more.

Is this an online curricula?

Our curricula is a collection of downloadable files accessed via an online portable by facilitators. Those facilitators then create a program that can be taught online or in person. We provide everything from the activity timing, powerpoints, handouts, example permission forms, to playable online games. And because we update so frequently, if there is something you need to effectively facilitate this program, just ask, we'll create it!

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