BauBau Chung Sze Wan

Cultural Consultant & Instructor, Hong Kong China | 文化顧問及導師, 中國香港

BauBau Chung Sze Wan was born into a traditional Chinese family in Hong Kong. After graduating, Bau worked with a sex workers’ advocacy group where she was first exposed to the concepts of gender equality, patriarchy, feminism, and human and sexual rights. This experience providing sexuality education with gender sensitivity sowed the seeds for her passion for advocating for women's rights. Due to the economic burden she shouldered as an eldest daughter in a Chinese family, she left the advocacy group for a more mainstream position in social work. Her urge and calling to provide sexuality education never subsided.

Realizing the lack of quality sexuality education in Hong Kong, Bau quit her mainstream job in 2016 to pursue her passion. Bau is a licensed Sex Therapist and registered social worker, and has been working in youth services with a focus on sexuality education for the past eight years. Bau is currently the senior prevention officer and assistant program manager for AIDS Concern, an agency focused on young women's sexuality education. There she works to include feminist ideology in their programming to benefit people from all backgrounds. She is also a freelance writer for the South China Morning Post; the chapter leader of Lean In Hong Kong, where she aims to bring more sensitivity and inclusivity around gender into their work; and has her own blog called Miss WoW that she uses along with various social media outlets (IG and Telegram) to deliver sex education to the general public and answer people's anonymous questions. Bau also volunteers her time through public speaking engagements and providing early childhood sex education workshops.

Bau dreams of a diverse, respectful society in which people can be themselves without worrying about being judged and discriminated against. She believes true advocacy starts in people’s hearts and that education is a great way to achieve that. Bau believes that there is much to learn in sexuality education and working with the community, and through that we can grow together and strive for a gender-equal world.