Lynn Joselyn

Medical Advisory Council

Lynn Joselyn is a recent transplant to Durango, CO from Austin Tx. A Physician Assistant of 22 years currently practicing in Urgent Care in Durango, CO and Aztec, NM where she interfaces with people from all walks of life. Her commitment to whole patient, integrative care has led her to seek further education and she holds certifications as an Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner and a Certified Food and Spirit Practitioner. Her passion for full spectrum, integrative healthcare continues to fuel her search for truth in a time where access to information is abundant and often confusing. Throughout her years of practice and further study she continually sees the importance of a healthy lifestyle foundation through nutrition, movement, mindfulness, sleep and community in the healing process.

Lynn’s most valuable lessons have come from her role as a mom of two daughters, who continually challenge her to live a more passionate, truthful and joyful life. She has navigated most of her adult life with her love and husband and is ever grateful for deepening relationship through the years. Lynn loves the mountains, time in nature, time on her yoga mat and her 3 four-legged companions Mocha, Pyrl and Chance.

Lynn chose to be on the medical advisory board for UN|HUSHED because believes accurate comprehensive sexuality education for our youth is critical for mental and physical health. The cutting-edge, up to date and comprehensive curriculum that UN|HUSHED offers inspires hope and is a key element to improved health through the life spectrum. Lynn is thrilled to be a part of this team and ongoing work.