Ryan Dillon, LPC

Author | Parent Coach | Trainer

Ryan Dillon, LPC is a psychotherapist in Austin, TX. Ryan specializes in gender and sexual orientation development, and primarily works with teenagers and young adults. Ryan is a facilitator, parent coach, trainer, and author with UN|HUSHED. They co-authored their first book, Introduction to Sexuality Education: A Handbook for Mental Health Practitioners, in 2018, and have since trained mental health practitioners in Philidelphia, Nebraska, and Texas. In addition to this manual and related trainings, Ryan is passionate about educating other mental health and sexual health professionals through their workshops; Bye Bye Binary, Transgender and Non-Binary Youth 101, and Developing Identity: Queer Youth. They assisted in creating a social justice-oriented, culturally responsive therapist listserv, Inclusive Therapists, to connect marginalized populations with skilled therapists. Ryan is also on the board of the Central Texas Transgender Health Coalition, and assisted in the planning and implementation of their first conference and health fair expo. Ryan lives in East Austin with their husband and 11-year-old puppy, Egan.

Pronouns: they/them and he/his