Shawn Dookie

Medical Advisory Council

Shawn Dookie MPH NP-PHC was raised in Toronto, Ontario. Born to interracial parents (dad Trinidadian, mom British settler), he’s found a comfortable niche as an “outsider". Shawn has been a nurse for over 2 decades. He completed his Bachelor of Science in 2008 at Toronto Metropolitan University. He started his career working in emergency rooms in the Greater Toronto Area. Shawn found his calling and built his home in the north, after spending many years working in fly-in First Nations and outposts in remote Northwestern Ontario, he settled on the north shore of Lake Superior in Thunder Bay, where he now lives with his spouse and their fur-babies.

Shawn became a Nurse Practitioner (Primary Health Care) in 2012, and finished his Master of Public Health in 2014 at Lakehead University. He is currently working on his PhD in Health Sciences, focusing research on the delivery of health care to vulnerabl(ized) groups. Shawn provides primary, harm reduction, and preventative health care to folx experiencing homelessness, individuals living with addictions, sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections (like HIV and Hep C), and he specializes in caring for/with people who have a hard time accessing mainstream health care. Shawn has a soft spot for caring for queer folx, and is always trying to find ways to redefine men’s health, beyond just andrology, to make it more accessible and inclusive (not just for those with male reproductive biology) to anyone that connects with this approach to care. When he’s not working, you’ll probably find Shawn lost in a novel, taking the dogs for a snowshoe in the bush, nerding with board games, or helping Brian plan their next big adventure.