Ways to give!


??? Why give to UN|HUSHED? Because we full heartedly believe that #SexEdSavesLives and we need your help to do that! Fully comprehensive sexuality education teaches people far more than the scary close up pictures of STI's that your gym teacher showed you as a kid. It's about healthy relationships, consent, learning social ques, learning to love and respect yourself and others, and so much more!

We as a society have this crazy idea that sexuality is only the act of sex and it should be a scary secret no one talks about. Except with their parents, who should magically be experts. Don't get us wrong-we are huge fans of families talking openly and honestly about sexuality. We just think people should also have access to educated experts who can provide a wealth of information that no one else has time to gather. That's why we write and train people to use our medically accurate curricula and manuals.

inclusive octopus Think of it this way, everyone should read board books with the adults in their lives as kids, and at a certain point we send them to an English teacher. We do the same thing with math, science, and even sports! So why don't we do that with social skills? We jump from talks with mom, to nothing, to needing a mental health professional. Again, we're all about mental health professionals (and if all people saw one every six months like a dentist the whole world would be a happier healthier place) and we also think that preventing the trauma that sends people to therapists is a good thing. You can learn more about Comprehensive Sex Ed here.

Want to volunteer?


Send us your resume/vita at info@unhushed.org and let us know how you might be able to help out. We're always interested in meeting new people who have a few moments to further our mission.

You can also head over to our apply page to see what opportunities are currently available.