A Handbook for Primary Care Providers

"This book is an essential guide to help practitioners feel more at ease and more well-resourced when it comes to addressing the sexual health of their patients."

This manual provides primary care providers, including MDs, PAs, and others, with the tools to combat problematic, inaccurate, and harmful sexuality information that comes from families, classrooms, peers, partners, and the media. It supports PCPs as they consider their own biases, history, and knowledge base, and affirms that sexuality education is an integral piece to all clinical work.


Understanding Your Personal Perspective

The first section provides guidance on self-analysis you, the primary care provider. Understanding your personal perspective before bringing sexuality education into the clinical space is critical.

Broad Overview
Sex & Sexuality Topics

The second section provides a broad overview to numerous topics related to sexuality that clients bring into the clinical setting. These include anatomy, physiology, sexual arousal, reproduction, communication styles, intimate partner violence, masturbation, and more.

Usable Client
Handouts & Forms

The third section includes 22 handouts you can copy and use with clients along with guides and recommendations on how to use them.

Additional Resources

The final section is an extensive list of resources, organized by topic and annotated with a brief description of what content they cover.


This is a comprehensive book on sexual health with concise, positive information on sexual health. A ‘must read’ for primary care physicians. It is packed with factual, relevant information that is an invaluable resource for improving all-inclusive healthcare delivery. The authors are well grounded in clinical practice, and provide a guide to helping clinicians develop comfort with discussing sexuality with their patients.

– Renee J. Flores, MD, MHSA, FACP, EdD, CSE, CSC

Sexuality education is our work in primary care. My favorite features in this handbook are the handouts and that it’s broken out by age group, making it a wonderful clinical reference tool. Time based billing allows me schedule sexuality health follow-up visits between preventive exams. Patients trust us and not only need this information, but need to know they have a place in their primary care home to discuss sexual health - this book fills a gap in our comfort level to provide appropriate, accurate, and person-centered sexuality education.

– Emily Cheshire, DNP, MS, FNP-BC

This book is an essential guide to help practitioners feel more at ease and more well-resourced when it comes to addressing the sexual health of their patients.

– Caitlin O'Connor, ND


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