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Middle school age students are at a perfect age to receive a comprehensive sex ed class because they are interested in the topic, but are typically not yet engaged sexually. This allows them to be both highly intrigued and more open to learning factual information than older students can be. The UN|HUSHED curriculum is designed to support teenagers ages 12 - 14 as they are become increasingly aware of the world of sexuality. Young adolescents are grappling with understanding who they are, what sexuality feels like, and why they and their peers may make different decisions about sexual activities. This class is designed to meet them in this place and offer medically accurate information, context, and structure.

This delicate matter is presented by our highly skilled and experienced facilitators, according to the guidelines set out by the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States, in the National Sexuality Education Standards, and in the California Healthy Youth Act.

This is a 38-hour course comprised of 19 two-hour classes. During this time together, UN|HUSHED classes cover everything from basic anatomy to sexual values, communication, decision making, sexual harassment, rape, and the media in age-appropriate ways. Navigating these issues is one of the primary challenges for young people today and the goal of these courses is to provide students with the skills and information to allow them to meet these challenges as gracefully as possible, as well as provide students with skills and information about sex and sexuality before they are in a situation to need them.

Dates, times, and location vary by group.

The typical session runs from September through May of the following year.

Tuition is $695 per student (payment plan and sliding scale options are available).

Please email info@unhushed.org for more information and/or to schedule your young person for our upcoming classes.

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Facilitator Guide

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Session 1: Getting into Our Groove
Session 2: Media! Media! Media!
Session 3: Anatomy and Physiology

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Session 1: Gendersocks
Session 2: Orienting Orientation

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Session 1: Relationships 101
Session 2: Saying What Needs to be Said
Session 3: Coming Together and Pulling Apart

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Session 1: Conception, Pregnancy, and Birth
Session 2: Contraception
Session 3: Unplanned Pregnancy and Parenting
Session 4: STIs
Session 5: Condom Buying and Stations

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Session 1: Dating Violence
Session 2: Sexual Consent
Session 3: Sexual Harassment, Assault, and Rape
Session 4: Hearbreaker *new to version 2.0*

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Session 1: Sexual Values
Session 2: Long-Term Goals and Final Celebration