UN|HUSHED: Educación sexual de 15 a 18 años

UN|HUSHED: Educación sexual de 15 a 18 años
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Incluyendo 36 horas de contenido que es flexible, atractivo e integral, UN|HUSHED: Educación sexual de 15 a 18 años se compone de seis unidades:

1. A Social Justice Compass
2. Identity
3. Relationships
4. Sexual Health
5. Media
6. Global Perspectives

This curriculum is designed to support teenagers ages 15 - 18 as they consider sex and sexuality as it influences and is influenced by themselves, their peers, and the larger world. To this end, every unit refers back to the Social Justice Compass as the underpinning for discussing sex and sexuality at every turn.

UN|HUSHED: Educación sexual de 15 a 18 años is available exclusively through our online portal, accessible when you are logged into your account. This allows the authors to add activities and update information as new statistics, medical information, contraception, social media, and more become relevant to the sexuality education context. As new handouts, links, and resources become available, subscribers will receive emails alerting them of these updates.

Schools, churches, teachers, facilitators, and other sexual health professionals can purchase access to the online portal for one year and then maintain access for a much lower annual fee. We also offer educator trainings and site licenses. Email us at info@unhushed.org for a quote!

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Facilitator Guide
Parent Orientation
Youth Orientation

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Session 1: Identity, Values, & Sexuality
Session 2: Gender Identity & Roles
Session 3: The 3 Elements of Orientation

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Session 1: Communication
Session 2: Love
Session 3: Healthy & Unhealthy Relationships
Session 4: Power & Control

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Session 1: Sexual Response
Session 2: Pregnancy & Parent Choices
Session 3: Prevention & Contraception
Session 4: Facts About STIs
Session 5: Checking In On Sexual Health
Session 6: Accessing Sexual Healthcare

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Session 1: Body Media Literacy
Session 2: Sexually Explicit Media

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Session 1: Sexual Rights
Session 2: What The Future May Bring