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middle school sex ed

This delicate matter is presented by two of our highly skilled and experienced teachers, Jessica Smarr and Ryan Dillon, according to the guidelines set out by the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States, in the National Sexuality Education Standards, and in the California Healthy Youth Act.

Middle school age students are at a perfect age to receive a comprehensive curriculum because they are interested in the topic, but are typically not yet engaged sexually. This allows them to be both highly intrigued and more open to learning factual information than older students can be.

This is a 38-hour course comprised of 19 two-hour classes. During this time together, Unhushed classes cover everything from basic anatomy to sexual values, communication, decision making, sexual harassment, rape, and the media in age-appropriate ways. Navigating these issues is one of the primary challenges for young people today and the goal of these courses is to provide students with the skills and information to allow them to meet these challenges as gracefully as possible. The goal of this course is to provide students with skills and information about sex and sexuality before they are in a situation to need them.

Dates, times, and location vary by group.
Please email for more information and/or to schedule your young person for our upcoming classes.

parent/guardian classes

You have a busy schedule, and some times it's hard to make time for things until you realize it is no longer an option. We believe in a no-judgment based approach to helping parents, grandparents, and all adults with young people in their lives talk to those young people about hard topics in easy ways.

Acclaimed author of Breaking the Hush Factor and educator Karen Rayne, PhD is available to help you navigate those sometimes merky waters.

Sessions can be scheduled for individuals, couples, or larger groups. These sessions can be done via phone, skype, or in person.

Dates, times, and location vary by group.
Please email for more information and/or to schedule a time to speak with Karen.