CM Willingham
Board President

CM joined the UN|HUSHED Board of Directors as a founding member in 2017, and became its second President in May, 2019.

Through private, philanthropic, and publicly traded organizations in Texas, Chicago, and New York, CM has partnered with small business owners, C-suite executives, volunteer groups, and political unions—as team lead, strategist, or administrative business partner. CM’s work often implements leadership strategies for board development, recruiting, fiscal planning, special initiatives, employee relations, and fundraising and networking events.

CM values supporting others in their career advancement; identifying and resolving challenges that affect positive and necessary change for diverse groups; and maintaining a healthy work/play lifestyle. CM especially enjoys philosophical analysis and discovery! In person, ask CM about cave allegories and stories—perhaps the one by Plato, or another from Bulgaria.

CM is dedicated to UN|HUSHED’s board work and mission on behalf of future adults, healthy families, and global educators. If UN|HUSHED existed during her childhood, CM would have appreciated its modern, comprehensive, and whole-family approach to practical ways of identifying with, understanding, and respecting others and oneself.

CM’s past experience includes work for Ford Foundation, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, ViacomCBS, Blue Man Productions, Freelancers Union, Alcoa, DePaul University, United Nations, and various human resources consulting.