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Join us for our web series: Teaching Sex Ed Online

Are you teaching comprehensive sexuality education online for middle or high school students for the first time ever? Many people are suddenly teaching without any substantial information, experience, or even research on how to do it! UN|HUSHED has ten tips on how to present sexuality education online, given what we know about online education and sex education. Join us for our webinar, 10-one hour live sessions discussing each tip, to get support and ideas. You can also join at any point and watch recordings of past sessions.

Session 01: This is hard
Join us live on Tuesday March 31st at 1e/12c/10p
This is hard and different from teaching almost every other content area online, and offering something rather than nothing matters.

Session 02: Maintaining a trauma-informed lens
Join us live on Thursday April 2nd at 1e/12c/10p
Maintaining a trauma-informed lens is even more critical in the online space, and much more difficult to do. Once we’ve settled down to the business of teaching sex ed online, we must have a conversation about how we will make this endeavor trauma informed.

Session 03: Participant reported abuse
Join us live on Tuesday April 7th at 1e/12c/10p
If your participants share with you that they’re in an abusive home situation, the standard response teams are considered essential services and are still available.

Session 04: Short and sweet
Join us live on Thursday April 9th at 1e/12c/10p
Your curriculum, in the short term, should not be as robust as you had planned for it to be in person.

Session 05: In-person curriculum will only get you so far
Join us live on Tuesday April 14th at 1e/12c/10p
Replicating your in-person curriculum will only get you so far. By which we mean, they will probably get you through next week, but they definitely aren’t a long-term solution unless you’re doing a lot of modifications.

Session 06: Synchronous or asynchronous, that is the question
Join us live on Thursday April 16th at 1e/12c/10p
Class environments that are synchronous (at the same time, by video or voice) and asynchronous (at different times, by text, video, and/or voice) have both upsides and downsides.

Session 07: Developmental appropriateness matters
Join us live on Tuesday April 21st at 1e/12c/10p
Developmental appropriateness matters even more when you’re trying to teach sex ed online.

Session 08: Talk with parents, caregivers, and guardians when they are available
Join us live on Thursday April 23rd at 1e/12c/10p
They’re scared, busy, losing their jobs, aren’t sure how to support their kids through school at home, tending to sick family members, and more.

Session 09: Practice self compassion
Join us live on Tuesday April 28th at 1e/12c/10p
While this is a top priority at all times, it is even more so in times of deep trauma and stress.

Session 10: Know that this is going to be awkward for everyone
Join us live on Thursday April 30th at 1e/12c/10p
If the snafus over the last several weeks of working from home and teaching all college online have taught us anything, it's that we can expect an awkward moment or two in the digital education space.