TikToxic Masculinity in The Classroom

$ 35.00

Wednesday, July 5th, 11:00am to 2:00pm CST, Zoom

“Manosphere” influencers have spent the last several years selling a simplistic, misogynistic world view to young and impressionable consumers. Their messages have had far-reaching impacts on individual students and educational spaces across the globe. Older elementary and middle school boys, particularly, are at heightened risk for targeting via social media manosphere influencers giving guidance and support for harmful, patriarchal, muscle-bound, and exclusively financial goal setting. 

We are offering an interactive, three-hour training designed to provide educators and school administrators with information, activities, and tools necessary to identify and address these influencers and support boys and young men in moving away from their harmful perspectives.

Karen Rayne, PhD, CSE & Jessica Smarr, MPH

TikToxic Masculinity in The Classroom